Zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) is an inorganic compound or compound that has different types of utensils. The most abundant type is the 7th Abe with the formula of the molecule ZnSO4.7H2O and is produced in various grades. This material, like other metal sulfates, is completely dissolved in water.


Uses and uses of zinc sulfate

Zinc sulfate, especially its seven-grade, has several applications that include some of these uses:


Use in agriculture as a fertilizer to provide zinc in the soil


As a coagulation factor in the production of synthetic silk


As a primary ingredient in the production of pigments


Zinc sulfate for animal feed and poultry


Moss growth control


Zinc sulfate as a maintenance agent in the leather and tanning industries


In medicine to produce zinc supplements and to treat vomiting


Use in the production of zinc electrolytes


As a color in dyeing


Zinc sulfate in agriculture

The chemical fertilizer is zinc sulfate in agriculture to supply zinc in plants. Zinc in plants plays an important role in breathing and performing photosynthesis and enzyme activity. Zinc deficiency causes yellow leaves and brown spots on younger leaves. Also, zinc sulfate fertilizer, due to sulfur, reduces the pH of the soil, resulting in better absorption of the micronutrients by the root.


Zinc sulfate



Analysis of zinc sulfate