Strontium carbonate :

The strontium carbonate with the SrCO3 chemical formula is a chemical compound with a 15407 Pabccum identifier. Whose molar mass is 147.63 g / mol. The appearance of this combination is white or gray powder.

Uses of Strontium Carbonate :

  1. Electric appliance manufacturing industries
  2. Lead and zinc industries

Strontium carbonate is used in the production of oxide and acetonitrile, the production of electrical equipment and the deposition of lead in zinc electrolytic ponds. This material is an essential ingredient in the zinc ingot industry, which is considered as the main material of this industry. Carbonate Strandium is used to lead in the production of electrolytic zinc, with lead sulfate it forms a pair of isomorph salt that can be collected, thus reducing the amount of lead in the set. The Strontium is added with molten aluminum to give more capacity for molding.