Sodium sulfur :

Sodium sulfur with a chemical formula Na2s is a reddish yellowish substance dissolved in water and alcohol, which reacts with oxygen, and is produced in the form of a liquid, flak, and husk. The substance of sodium sulfate is highly degraded by air and moisture and its molecules, which weakens its function, should prevent as much air as possible from the material. Sodium sulfur is volatile and water, moisture and other The chemicals and the metal are reacted, so they should be kept in a cool place, away from the sun and in the roofs.

Applications of Sodium Sulfur :

  1.  Tannery: Skin Care
  2.  Mine: Isolation of metal rock
  3.  Paper industry: Production of paper pulp
  4.  Chemical Industry: Production of Sulfur Dyes
  5.  Textile: Reducing the elements of sulfur dyes