Copper sulfate

Cobs or copper sulfate with CuSO4.5H2O has crystals of blue, clear, and light blue powder. The copper sulfate crystals in the dry air gradually become blubbered (dried and turned into powder) at a temperature of 45 °, the two molecules lose their water (the dumplings connected to the cu will be released at a lower temperature), and At 110 degrees, four molecules lose crystalline water (these four molecules are attached to so4, which is harder to separate from the copper molecule) and loses the last crystalline water at 250 ° C. It is decomposed at 400 ° C and has a specific gravity of 2.87

Major consumption of copper sulfate in industries

  1.  In the textile industry to produce blue and green colors
  2. In mines, it is used for the purification of extractive materials
  3.  In electroplating industries, it is used as electrolyte and also in reactions Sedimentary is used
  4. In agricultural industry to produce fungicide and bactericidal pesticides
  5.  In wood industry for wood and traversing protection
  6. In leather dyeing industries
  7. In some battery industries
  8.  In animal industries and in order to provide livestock supplements
  9. To prevent the growth of algae, especially in swimming pools and Venice water tanks at power plants Is used.
  10. Copper sulfate is often used to prepare catalysts for several reactions in many industries  Used.

Copper sulfate production methods