about us

  The company was registered in the year 99and was founded by a group of graduates of Amir Kabir University with the goal of establishing new designs and improving the industry. After many ups and downs, he entered the field of fertilizer production, and succeeded in setting up a factory in July 81 to produce iron sulfate production capacity of 30 tons per month. After the unrivaled customer satisfaction, we decided that in the year 82, we would increase the production capacity to 70 tons per month, and this year it continued. And in the year 83, we achieved 150 tons per month, but unfortunately, due to the large amount of gases and various environmental warnings, we had to leave our place in Qom, and we moved to Salafchegan 5 km of Isfahan Road and in 85 years managed to launch the production line 600 tons a month, but unfortunately due to the severe market downturn in that year (especially the global market) we could not reach the main capacity of the factory, producing up to 250 tons a month, but in recent years, with the boom of the market, we managed to produce a lottery. And in the year 92, we tried to get the company out of a single product, and because of the prosperity of our customers We are going to increase the products of the company, so we set up a 24% copper sulfate product with a capacity of 30 tons per month and a 17% aluminum alloy with a capacity of 300 tons per month with the participation of other friends. We hope that in the coming years, with more products, An important step for the development of our country.